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    Don’t spend your precious time on moving your house. Shift your responsibilities to us. Let Right Movers, UAE’s largest and Top Rated Moving Service, handle your Home Relocation, while you enjoy peace of mind.

    Welcome to one of the leading Moving Companies in Dubai—Right Movers provides domestic and International Moving and Packing services. We proudly introduce ourselves as pioneers in the business of moving and packing. We are a dedicatedly operating and professionally organized Moving Company in Dubai.

    With experience and expertise gained over years of resolute striving and constantly keeping up with changes according to the times, we are able to meet the relocation needs of all types of clients in an admirable manner. Right Movers offers a wide range of moving services to clients regardless of the volume of work involved.

    Dubai is the vital business hub of Asia that attracts lots of businesses to keep moving in and out—numerous opportunities are offered here, making moving inevitable at some point in time or other. This is where we, as the market leaders of Moving Company Dubai, are taking a crucial role in assisting clients to handle all their moving needs smoothly.

    Right Mover’s Team is the best Movers in Dubai and provides high-quality relocation services at your doorstep. Hire Dubai Movers to get affordable movers and packers in Dubai. Moving is a stressful task that makes a lot of complexity in your life When holding a Job or Professional. You must look for some smart movers that are specialists. 

    Right Movers have been successfully providing their services for many years in lots of different cities. Right movers have many well-trained professional movers all over the cities. They will help you with moving, transporting, unloading, unpacking, etc.

    Your single destination for moving.

    Local Moving

    Our experienced local movers know every corner of UAE like their pocket. Let us relocate your belongings from one part of the city to another with ease. In no time, you are ready to start living comfortable at your new home.


    We pride ourselves on offering exquisite international relocation services tailored to individual needs. Given our extensive experience in international moving with 160+ international partners, we can move you anywhere.

    Office Moving

    We understand the value of time and peace of mind in business. To avoid downtimes and ensure you get back to business quickly, Right Movers ensures your office relocation is fast, smooth, and hassle-free.

    Box Delivery

    The perfect move starts with perfect materials. You can now buy the same boxes & packing materials that we use – and we will deliver them, too.

    Packing Services

    We can pack your whole home or just the kitchen, or any part of it. Our packing methods and the high quality packing materials we use are matched specifically to each of your items.

    Custom Crating

    Have a high value item? Our carpenters can build crates for each item to ensure it is protected to the fullest. Each crate is custom-built by hand in our workshop


    Right Movers offers both self storage and full service storage. We have a variety of room sizes and we welcome short and long term storage.


    Have a high value item? Our carpenters can build crates for each item to ensure it is protected to the fullest. Each crate is custom-built by hand in our Bronx facility.

    Furniture Moving

    Ordered furnitures and the vendor can’t deliver on time because of pending orders? No problem. We deliver the furnitures to you at your doorsteps in no time, whether in UAE or outside UAE.

    We at Right mover – A moving company in Dubai has all the qualities that the mover should have in profile. Our professional Relocation includes Experience, anxiety, hassle-free move, and high-tech vehicles for 1 bedroom to the big hall.

    We have achieved a huge reputation as prominent movers and have always strived hard to maintain the standards we have set ourselves by following the below-mentioned principles, take a look:

    • Honesty
    • Trustworthiness
    • Affordable rates
    • Consistency
    • Careful handling

    Storage Services & Warehousing

    Maybe you’re waiting on a new house to be built. Maybe you are moving into a smaller space. Or maybe you just need a little extra room to keep your belongings secure.  With clean and secure facilities, Right Movers has got you covered. Perfect for all moving and storage needs, our facilities differ from other moving and storage companies with climate-controlled storage facilities and 24/7 video surveillance.

    At Right Movers, we believe that a hassle-free move includes helping you understand the cost of moving upfront by providing free estimates. A moving estimate is the first step in the process and can help you plan your move, learn what to expect, and answer your questions.

    Always included in your move

    Right Movers guarantees to offer best price to customers which is all-inclusive pricing with no surprises. Services we always include at no extra charge like no other:

    • Couches & Chairs – Wrapped in blankets & shrink wrap.
    • Tables – Disassembled & Wrapped in blankets.
    • Mattresses – Wrapped and packed in special boxes
    • Armoire – Disassemble & double wrapped in blankets and cardboard crating the glass
    • Lamps – Packed in lamp box.
    • Hanging Clothes – Packed in wardrobe box.
    • Electronics – Wrapped and packed in cardboard box.
    • Flat-screen TVs – Wrapped and packed in plasma box.
    • Computers – Wrapped and packed in cardboard box.
    • Small Mirrors – Wrapped and packed in cardboard box.
    • Paintings – Wrapped and packed in cardboard box.
    • Small Sculptures – Wrapped and packed in cardboard picture crate.
    • Glass/Marble – Items that contain glass or marble up to 4-feet are cardboard crated.
    • Corners– We use protection on corners in both your departing location, and your new home so nothing will get scuffed.
    • Hallways – Before moving items in and out of your home we apply protection to the walls to prevent any damage.
    • Floors – On moving day, we lay down masonite on arrival to protect floors from becoming scraped

    With Right Movers labor & travel expenses are included in the price, freeing you from surprise costs during your move. The cost for moving labor is included into the price of your custom move plan as well as any travel related expenses such as tickets, tolls & fuel.

    Ready to get moved? Get a FREE quote now

    Make Packing a Priority

    Packing smart is key to a successful move. Start with decluttering then sort things out by categories — optimizing the space and organizing your boxes will make the process easier. Always buy high-quality materials to ensure your items get the protection they need but don’t forget to check the stuff we always pack for you: Right Movers includes a list of items as part of our standard moving package.

    Consider Delays and Traffic

    Although Right Movers guarantees a smooth journey, some things are out of our control. Always take into consideration traffic, delays and other unforeseen circumstances when moving in and out of a city. A good way to prepare is researching the events in your location to assure no protests, parades or street-fairs will be happening that day.

    Take Care of Building Requirements

    Good planning is the basis of a stress-free move. After you complete your booking with Right Movers, make sure to reserve your building’s elevator in advance, request a Certificate of Insurance and check if there are any other requirements you have to take care of prior to your moving day.