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If you are Are you planning on moving to the United Kingdom from Dubai?

We all know the burden of an international relocation but when it is time to pack your belongings for a better opportunity or a change of environment, moving to the UK holds a world of adventure.

Moving to the UK from Dubai – People from Dubai continue to look to the UK as a place to relocate. Whether for work, study, investment or to join your family, the Right movers is always there for you to provide immediate help & assistance with your move from Dubai to the UK. If you’re considering moving to the UK from Dubai, do have a look at our guide dedicated towards your move to the UK from Dubai.

However, in Dubai life is very different in comparison to the UK. Dubai is a Muslim country with a contrasting culture and different traditions to here in the UK. This can make the move to Britain seem daunting, but moving to the UK from Dubai can be simple with the right guidance. The country also has large Emirati ex-pat communities, particularly in the city of London, which can make it easier to settle.

If you intend on moving from Dubai to the UK to stay for more than six months, you’ll need a relevant UK visa. It is important to consider your options carefully to make the correct decision about which visa you require. There are many categories of UK visas that Dubai citizens can be eligible for, deciding which one is best for you will depend on your circumstances and the reason for your intended move.

To make your move hassle-free Right movers is just a click away to get you, professional international movers, to ease you’r moving from Dubai to the UK.

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