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One of the most stressful aspects of moving is packing. When considering how to pack stuff for moving, a smart approach is to gather your moving supplies first and then systematically go room-by-room until the job is done. Follow Right overs for moving to make the process more manageable and creates less stress.

If you still find yourself overwhelmed along the way or underprepared for the packing and moving process, know that you can always turn to professional movers for help. These experts often offer packing services as well, so you don’t have to do the heavy lifting yourself.

Packing and moving bulky items like furniture, electronics, hefty artwork, etc., will require special handling, and we can’t emphasize the need for professionals to get the job done. 

Individuals busily plan for their move and think that everything is under control until it suddenly isn’t anymore and they find themselves drowning in labels, bubble wrap, and cardboard boxes. 

As one of Seattle’s leading moving companies, the team here at Right movers has years of packing experience and knows what to pack first when you’re moving.

Tips for How to Pack stuff for Moving

  • Take stock of what you’ll be moving to determine the packing materials you’ll need.
  • Obtain packing and moving materials, and gather them in one place.
  • Pack items by room and label boxes accordingly.
  • Consider assembling an “open first” box with essentials for eating, sleeping, and showering in a new space.

Safety Considerations

  • If you’re moving from house to house, you may need a dolly to transport heavier boxes or small pieces of furniture.
  • Consider buying or borrowing a pair of forklift moving straps to move heavy items that could result in injury if you were to move them without assistance.

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